Deep Defense, Aggressive Defense

Having served on both sides of disputes involving millions of dollars in claimed losses and the risk of criminal conviction and prison, Lee Altschuler knows what's at stake and what every case requires–an all-out, aggressive defense given the facts and law. Lee's goal is to seize and maintain control of your case and keep you out of the courtroom whenever possible.

Lee begins by attentively listening to what you say and thoroughly investigating what the government wants to prove. He provides sophisticated factual and legal analysis, leveraging an insider's perspective to provide fearless and effective advocacy. Lee understands that he must be deeply involved to enable you to handle what may be the most important decisions you will ever confront. He recognizes that resolution of investigations quietly, efficiently, with minimum public exposure and as little disruption as possible, is vital. Lee provides 360-degree attention to the legal, financial, personal and business consequences for you of every decision.