An Insider's Advantage

Lee Altschuler's many years of working in the federal judicial system as both an Assistant U.S. Attorney and defense attorney provide him with a deep understanding of the judicial system, facility in operating within its structure, and the ability to adroitly handle its processes and to bring creative solutions to your case. Quiet and determined negotiation is sometimes the best tactic. Convincing the government to close an investigation, or defer action does not come from bluster or playing to the press. Boldly aggressive trial strategy is best when negotiation and reason won't work. At all times, your best interest, particularly in a federal matter, requires a calibrated and nimble approach based on your unique circumstances and the law.

Lee's approach is to thoroughly understand you, the context of the case, and the facts and law underpinning the case. The state of mind when certain events occurred is as important to fully master as whether the event occurred at all. Every story has two sides, but sometimes there is a soft underbelly to the prosecution's view of the case. Government investigations are imperfect. Because no two government agencies investigate the same way, no cases can be defended the same way either. Defending a computer crime case is fundamentally different from defending a tax case, and both differ from an export case. Lee knows the differences.

Your involvement in your case is crucial to your successful defense. Lee works closely with you to learn what can and can't be proved. He provides round-the-clock access and keeps you informed of each development. The more you understand about your case and its possible outcomes, the better prepared you will be to participate effectively in your defense. Lee never forgets that listening to you, exploring your knowledge and recollection–and following your recollection to corroborating evidence–is an advantage the government will never have and can mean much to offset the government's advantages.

Confident preparation is the basis for an effective strategy–what can be argued, what can be proved, what is the law and where can it be extended by solid and insightful argument. Tactics specific to the kind of investigation and investigative agency develop from that foundation. Lee knows how to assess what's really driving an investigation and what tools will provide an effective defense. If necessary, he engages well-respected expert witnesses from his broad network to assist. Specialized knowledge might come from a computer forensic professional, a forensic accountant, a mental health professional, or an academic researcher. Lee thoroughly interviews expert and other witnesses, capturing what is most important, finding the case's soft spots. Using sophisticated investigative and research tools, shrewd strategy and thorough knowledge of the law, Lee will prepare a compelling, convincing defense for your particular circumstances.